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Buy Certified Loose Diamonds in Wholesale

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Pleasure Diamonds L.L.C. caters to the needs of its valued customers for all sizes and in all color, clarities to suit their preferred price points. Our strength lies in our capability to maintain continuity of supply providing our customers what they want just when they want it.
We specialized in providing sizes MM wise for jewelry manufacturers as per their requirements. Like this we make there supply side easier for them.
Also let us know if you’ve any requirements, we always try to provide as per our customer’s requirements rolex datejust 116243sdo rolex calibre 2836 2813 mens two tone silver dial.

The best way to know more about us & quality of our product is to visit our Dubai office.


With increasing need of E-Commerce industry, our user-friendly website is perfect Virtual Diamond Office. Online presence of our business helps us to reach more customers. Our customers can buy 24×7 on our website or Mobile App, whenever & wherever they want.
Customer can see all information about each diamond on Diamond-DNA page where they can explore all information about physical characteristics.
A combination of physical operations with online sales giving an ultimate buying experience to our customers.

Mobile APP

Buy at your convenient, whenever & wherever you want.

Download our mobile app. SCAN QR CODE to download our mobile app Tobak smaker vape


We provide API Service to our existing customers to connect our online inventory.

Kindly contact us for more information.


We ship Diamond worldwide to our customers through below mention logistic service provider for valuable shipments. If you have any particular preference than let us know in prior.

Shipment Amount : Ship Through  :
40000 US$ & below FEDEX  – International Priority with insurance
Above 40001 US$ 1) BRINKS
3) G4S

The provisional shipment charges are as under :

For Certified Diamonds : Shipment charges:
15,000 US$ and above NIL
14999.99 US$ & below 150 US$ Through Fedex
For Loose Diamonds : Shipment charges:
7000 US$ and above NIL
2001US$ to 6999.99 US$ 100 US$ Through Fedex
1999.99 US$ & below 150 US$ Through Fedex

Customers are requested to review this from time to time to be updated with the changes or modifications if any.

360° Display Technology

Our most of Diamonds are with 360° Video, which tells more about diamond than certificate. Our online customers can see diamond in 40X supezoom, better view than naked eyes. By seeing diamond from all angles, they will be able to see exactly where is inclusions. While a GIA certification and GIA imperfections plot will give you a good idea of the color and clarity grading of a diamond, a 360° degree image will allow you to come to your own conclusions about whether this diamond is the right one for you.

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